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Most Intriguing Companies on the New LD Micro Index

HENDERSON, NV / ACCESSWIRE / February 5, 2019 / Friday, LD Micro reinstituted their nearly 1000 company index of micro-caps, with the belief that our industry needs a truly accurate indicator of what is going on in the micro-cap world.

We took the opportunity to put a microscope on these microcaps and find a few most worthy of your due diligence. Here's 5 we plucked from the list that you should start researching right away.

CleanSpark, Inc. (CLSK) is an impressive addition, not only because 4% of the LD Micro Index's 1000 companies are OTC listed, making CLSK one of the select few, but the company's microgrid power solution cuts the monthly electricity bill of indoor grow-houses by up to 82%! They do this by virtually eliminating the demand charges that can account for almost 50% of the utility charges for such a facility. Now's the time to research CLSK; they just completed the acquisition of Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc., Pioneer has delivered $32 million in products since 2016 and has $5 million in backlog and the company will add $3.6 million in gross sales to CLSK's bottom line during early 2019 alone. Start your research today.

Today we are highlighting: CleanSpark, Inc. (CLSK), The Alkaline Water Company (WTER), Village Farms International, Inc. (VFFIF), Khiron Life Sciences, Corp. (KHRNF), and BioTime, Inc. (NYSE American: BTX).

CleanSpark, Inc. (CLSK) (Market Cap: $93.354M, Share Price: $2.25). CLSK is one of the top microgrid companies in the entire world. CLSK is currently working with NYSE company MAC on a project that could be worth $18 million, factor in the acquisition of Pioneer Power, and you are looking at a company with fundamentals to support a much higher share price.

One thing that could be the catalyst for CLSK is their potential in the cannabis industry. When a stock starts to gain a following among pot investors, millionaires are made overnight. Ask early investors in GW Pharma, Canopy Growth, or Cronos Group. The fact that CLSK's mPulse software reduces the monthly electricity bill of indoor grow-houses by up to 82% is a game changer. With Legal cannabis cultivation consuming U.S. an estimated 1.1 terawatt-hours of electricity a year, there is tremendous opportunity.

Now's a good time to start your research on CLSK, a great place to start is the company's recent letter to shareholders.


Another non-traditional cannabis play on the new index, The Alkaline Water Company (WTER) (Market Cap: $99.037M, Share Price: $3.83), has announced their A88 Infused division focused bioactive natural hemp extract molecules to U.S. consumers.


Village Farms International, Inc. (VFFIF) (Market Cap: $317.083B, Share Price: $6.72) announced that its 50%-owned joint venture for large-scale, low-cost, high-quality cannabis production, Pure Sunfarms, received from Health Canada the sixth amendment to the cultivation license for its 1.1 million square foot greenhouse in Delta, BC (the Delta 3 facility). This amendment permits Pure Sunfarms to expand its cannabis production area by approximately 138,000 square feet to a total of approximately 825,000 square feet. With this amendment, the entirety of the first three quadrants of the 1.1 million square foot Pure Sunfarms facility is now licensed for cultivation. The newly licensed area is expected to be fully planted and in production this week.


Khiron Life Sciences, Corp. (KHRNF) (Market Cap: $153.981M, Share Price: $2.0759) announced that it has signed a binding letter of intent to establish a 50/50 joint venture with Dixie Brands Inc to introduce a full line of cannabis-infused products to the Latin American market. Per the details of the announcement, Dixie will also manufacture and distribute Khiron's Kuida® brand of cannabidiol (CBD)-based cosmeceuticals in the United States, targeting the growing Hispanic population.


BioTime, Inc. (BTX) (Market Cap: $161.244M, Share Price: $1.27) announced that its affiliate company, OncoCyte Corporation (OncoCyte) (OCX), a developer of novel, non-invasive tests for the early detection of cancer, has reported positive results from an R&D validation study of DetermaVu™, a non-invasive, liquid biopsy test intended to facilitate clinical decision making in lung cancer diagnosis. As outlined in OncoCyte's announcement, the R&D validation study demonstrated a sensitivity of 90% (95% CI 82%-95%) and specificity of 75% (95% CI 68%-81%) of DetermaVu™ on a prospectively collected cohort of 250 patient blood samples that were blinded to laboratory operators. A 95% confidence interval (CI) suggests that there is a 95% chance that test performance will be within the stated range.

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