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The Most Popular Wedding Date of 2018 Is...

SMP Contributor

In the past, brides often gravitated towards summer weddings, but according to Zola, the new popular season is fall! It is so popular, in fact, that Zola has gathered evidence that in 2018, 40 percent of all weddings will take place during the months of September and October!

This is the first year (ever!) that not one single top 10 wedding date doesn't fall before August—with one exception: 8/8/18 is also popular due to the lucky number 8 being a go-to for brides and grooms to wed.

So does your date fall on the top 10? Below, Zola reveals the top 10 wedding dates for 2018 and the most popular months for 2018 weddings.

Top 10 Wedding Dates of 2018:

  1. Saturday, 10/20/2018
  2. Saturday, 8/18/2018
  3. Saturday, 10/13/2018
  4. Saturday, 9/29/2018
  5. Sunday, 9/2/2018 (Labor Day weekend)
  6. Saturday, 9/8/2018
  7. Saturday, 9/22/2018
  8. Saturday, 10/6/2018 (Columbus Day weekend)
  9. Saturday, 9/15/2018
  10. Saturday, 10/27/2018

Most popular months for weddings in 2018:

  1. September: 18% of weddings
  2. October: 14% of weddings
  3. June: 14% of weddings
  4. August: 10% of weddings
  5. May & July (tie): 9% of weddings
  6. November: 6% of weddings
  7. April: 6% of weddings
  8. December: 5% of weddings
  9. March: 4% of weddings
  10. January & February (tie): 2% of weddings

Your wedding date is important—it will be the day every year where you and your fiancé celebrate the best day of your lives and it will forever hold a special place in your heart. So how do you choose a date that is right for you?

Jennifer Spector, Zola's Newlywed-at-large, says "The first thing to consider is a bride-to-be's least favorite word: budget. Keep in mind that some dates are more expensive than others. A Saturday night reception will be more expensive than a Sunday afternoon or Friday night. Also, holiday weekends can be extra pricey and extra busy for your guests."

Once you have your budget figured out, it's time to set your priorities. Often, a venue you love may be booked on the date you had in mind. Ask yourself which one means more to you. "In my opinion, you'll remember where you get married over which specific weekend you tie the knot," says Spector. "So try to be open-minded."

But, maybe most importantly, Spector notes that you should have an idea of the vibe of your wedding before you choose not only a venue, but also a date. "My wedding was on New Year's Eve which dictated our black tie dress code and glamorous feel," she says. "It was not the right date or location for a breezy beach theme. Usually, more formal weddings are in the colder months—stilettos and sand don't mix."

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Jessica Tzikas is a freelance writer, editor, and content manager from South Florida, who recently moved back to the sunshine state after living in Philadelphia for the past few years. When she isn't writing, you can find her reading by the beach, spoiling her black lab, and exploring nearby towns with her new husband.