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Most Popular This Week: Tesla Raises the Safety Bar and the New Toyota Supra

Jeff Perez

Ah, it’s the weekend again. And while most of you gear up to head out for a (hopefully) sunny Sunday drive, we here at BoldRide are giving you some of the most talked about stories of the week.

We started with a wrap up of last weekend’s festivities in Monterey- including the 1,000-hp GTR1 from Galpin Auto Sports, and the 1,750-hp Laraki Epitome concept. Although, not to overshadow Ferrari’s nearly 600-hp 458 Speciale.

Laraki Epitome Concept

Then we broke down Toyota’s new Supra piece by piece with seven things you need to know before it hits the market. We even gave you an exclusive look at just what it might look like.

Another big week for Tesla- as the Model S racks up the best safety ratings in the history of ever, news broke of the Model E nameplate getting the patent treatment and factory expansion on its way. Although, we don’t expect any more expansion from Scion, even though the GT 86 (FR-S) will be getting more power in 2015.

Toyota Supra Concept 2

We drove the all-new Mazda6, and while it may live up to its reputation as the “sporty sedan” on the outside, we’re not sure we could say the same thing when we got behind the wheel.

And finally, we pay tribute to longtime Detroit ad man, novelist, screenwriter and all around auto fanatic Elmore Leonard, who passed only five days ago on August 20th, 2013.