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Mother and Father of the Bride Gifts Guaranteed to Make them Cry

SMP Contributor

The focus of the wedding day, and the months leading up to it, are undoubtedly about the happy couple. There's also an element of wanting to celebrate everyone that's celebrating with you. First and foremost, the people you wouldn't be here without: parents!

Whether it's a gift for one or a gift to share, give some thought to what the day might mean for them. Why not gift them with a little something that's equal parts congratulatory and thankful. They are, after all, gaining a new member of the family, too!

For Mom

There's no question that the jewelry you wear on your wedding day will mean just as much to you ten years down the road as it does on the big day. Pearls never go out of style, and gifting the mother a bride with her own set is a significant way to mark the day as one to remember. Whether it's a necklace or bracelet, the timelessness of pearls is something you can't go wrong with!

For Dad

It's fairly common for the men of the day to rent their attire. Add some personalization to an otherwise 'borrowed' look for dad with a pair of custom cufflinks. Acknowledge the wedding day celebration with a simple monogram or the wedding date, both meaningful ways to commemorate the addition to his collection. For an extra dose of nostalgia, consider cufflinks with a silhouette of the bride or groom from childhood, but be prepared for the overload of emotions to come!

For Both


Handkerchiefs might seem a bit old school (I vote we bring them back!) for everyday life, but they've proven to be a wedding day essential for everyone from the bride to the groom to the guests. Gifting custom embroidered handkerchiefs the morning of that share a sweet note for mother and father gives you a chance express what they mean to you--and provides the method with which they can dry the inevitable tears that follow. Just like the cufflinks, a monogram or the wedding date works here too!

Custom Champagne

The idea of wedding day champagne as an alternative to the traditional guest book is an idea that can be translated for the mother and father of the bride, and even the in-laws. Consider making a bottle of their favorite libation completely one of a kind by labeling it with the wedding invitation; the sentimentality is sure to not be lost on them!

Framed Photos

If family ties are really strong, honoring the previous generations can be a gift in and of itself. Have pictures framed of parents', or even grandparents', wedding day, or of other momentous occasions through the years. Use them as part of your reception decor for guests to enjoy. Gifting both sides of the family with wedding day pictures that commemorate your big day is an even better option, ensuring the significance of the day is celebrated with something they'll hold near and dear to their hearts.

Style Me Pretty Contributor -- Francesca Barger is a wedding enthusiast, freelance writer, marketer, and PR professional in the Midwest, where, in the last several years she's worked with companies coast to coast. She's more city slicker than small town girl, a bon vivant with a penchant for celebrating life's little victories, like a dry cappuccino or a good hair day.