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Mount Logan Capital Inc. Announces Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer and Identifies Recent Unlawful Wire Activity

TORONTO, Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mount Logan Capital Inc. (MLC.NE) (“Mount Logan,” “our,” “we,” or the “Company”) announces that Dave Guebert has offered his resignation as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of the Company, which the Company has accepted. Mr. Guebert has agreed to assist the Company with an orderly transition to the new Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary. Effective immediately, Edward Gilpin has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary. Mr. Gilpin serves as the Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Treasurer of Portman Ridge Finance Corp. Mr. Gilpin has worked at Portman Ridge (formerly known as KCAP Financial, Inc.) since June 2012. Mr. Gilpin has more than 30 years of experience. Prior to joining Portman Ridge, Mr. Gilpin served as the Chief Financial Officer at Associated Renewable Inc., and as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Ram Holdings, Ltd., a provider of financial guaranty reinsurance. Prior to that, he was the Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Director of ACA Capital Holdings, Inc., a holding company that provided asset management services and credit protection products. Prior to joining ACA Capital, Mr. Gilpin was Vice President in the Financial Institutions Group at Prudential Securities, Inc.'s investment banking division. Mr. Gilpin holds an M.B.A. from Columbia University and a B.S. from St. Lawrence University.

The Company also announced that it has identified two instances of unlawful activity by a sophisticated third party resulting in two wire transfers of the Company’s funds to third party accounts. The incidents occurred in early October and involved employee impersonation and fraudulent wire transfer requests by a third party targeting the Company.

Upon becoming aware of the activity, the Company initiated an analysis of all other transaction activity across all bank accounts of the Company, as well as a review of its internal systems and controls. The Company has also engaged external forensic specialists to conduct an independent investigation of the Company’s systems. The Company has moved to ensure that appropriate steps have been taken to mitigate the chance of any future occurrences of similar unlawful transactions.

The Company has notified the appropriate authorities including the Toronto Police Service Financial Crimes Unit and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) in the United States. The Company will work with authorities to support their investigations as applicable. The Company has already recovered nearly two thirds of the approximate $1.6 million in unlawful wires and continues to make all attempts to recover the remaining funds.

The Company does not expect this incident to have a material impact on its business or otherwise impact its near-term liquidity requirements or its ongoing operations.

About Mount Logan Capital Inc.

Mount Logan Capital Inc. is a Canada-based asset manager created to source and execute on credit investment opportunities in North America. The Company holds and actively manages and monitors a portfolio of loans and other investments with credit-oriented characteristics. The Company intends to actively source, evaluate, underwrite, monitor, and primarily invest in additional loans, debt securities, and other credit-oriented instruments that present attractive risk-adjusted returns and present low risk of principal impairment through the credit cycle.

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