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Mountain Dew’s New Maui Burst Flavor Will Send Your Taste Buds on a Tropical Trip

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Instagram @erinvetti; eBay estatefindsrva

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It’s a good day, because we just found out that there’s a new Mountain Dew flavor worth searching high and low for. It might be fall, but Mountain Dew Maui Burst tastes like the vacation we didn’t get to take this summer!

The bright yellow and green 16-ounce can is decorated with pineapples and tikis. The flavor is described on the packaging as “Dew with a blast of pineapple flavor with other natural flavors.” So if you like the original soda and pineapple, it sounds like you’ll be into this new sip.

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the Mountain Dew Maui Burst on shelves yet. The flavor is available at Dollar General and is said to be exclusive to the store, with an official release date of Oct. 16. Plenty of people have been sharing photos of the cans on Instagram and Reddit, so it looks like you’ll have a good shot at finding it before the launch.

There are Dollar General locations in 44 states, but if you happen to be far from one, people are already listing Mountain Dew Maui Burst on eBay. It might be worth it to pay for it at a higher price, because, as YouTube channel TonyTone Food Reviews describes it, it’s heavy on the Mountain Dew flavor, but has a nice sour pineapple taste at the end. Another YouTuber, Damian Reviews, said the flavor gives off Baja Blast vibes, which is a long-beloved flavor.

This flavor might have you feeling a bit skeptical, but we think the pros at Mountain Dew know what they’re doing, so give the Maui Burst a shot if you like the original. Plus, we’ll do whatever we can to feel like we’re on vacation.

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