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Move Over Beyond Meat: Air-Based Meat Is A Real Thing

Jayson Derrick

Air Protein is a California-based startup that can make food out of thin air.

What To Know About Air Protein

Air Protein can make meatless alternatives by extracting elements found in the air, including oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, according to Cnet. The company then converts the extracted elements into an edible product by using renewable energy and a fermentation process.

In fact, the food includes all nine essential amino acids with added vitamins, like B12.

Lisa Dyson started Air Protein after discovering single-cell organisms can convert carbon dioxide into nutrients.

Dyson also founded a company called Kiverdi which extracts carbon dioxide to produce plastics and soil, according to Cnet. It seems a natural extension to leverage its expertise into categories like food.

However, true meat lovers who aren't persuaded by plant-based alternatives like Beyond Meat Inc (NASDAQ: BYND) are unlikely to adapt a diet which relies on air.

What's Next For Air-Based Food

Air Protein's food products are unlikely to reach the grocery shelf any time soon as the company continues to work on fine-tuning potential consumer products, according to Cnet.

Nevertheless, the company's progress over the years will likely be closely followed by the food industry and the general public given environmental benefits.

"The world is embracing plant-based meat and we believe air-based meat is the next evolution of the sustainable food movement that will serve as one of the solutions to feeding a growing population without putting a strain on natural resources," Dyson said in a press release.

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