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Move Over Judge Judy, Let Your Social Network Be Your Judge

TORONTO--(Marketwire -08/28/12)- With the economy in the doldrums, litigation has moved financially out-of-reach for the average person. As a result, the legal industry is taking the path forged by many other service industries -- weaning itself off its expensive brick-and-mortar ways and moving to the web. eQuibbly, a new arbitration app, allows people to post disputes online, and have Facebook friends and Twitter followers, and the general public be the jury. It's much faster and cheaper than taking them to court.

"Online arbitration is the latest trend in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). We take it a step further by introducing crowdsourcing and crowdvoting into the mix," said Lance Soskin, president of eQuibbly. "If you think about it, leveraging your social network to resolve your disputes makes sense. We trust our friends and fellow citizens to provide us with accurate information every time we research something on Wikipedia and TripAdvisor. And we trust them to make the right decision when electing government officials. So why not have them help resolve our disputes?"

With eQuibbly, both parties present their side of the story and their proposed resolution. Then their Facebook friends, Twitter followers and others interested in the dispute vote for the winner. The entire process takes about 14 days. In addition to party vs. party disputes, eQuibbly has a "controversial dispute of the week" where people debate current hot topics.

eQuibbly is holding a "Pen the Best Tagline" contest on Facebook and Twitter until October 15, where the winner will receive $400. See details on eQuibbly's Facebook Page.

About eQuibbly
eQuibbly offers a free web application to help resolve disputes quickly and fairly online. The company believes decisions should be rendered according to what impartial third parties perceive as being fair to the persons involved given the circumstances surrounding the dispute, rather than the uncompromising laws of the judiciary. eQuibbly offers two options: (1) post a dispute in public so users of the site and your social network can vote for the winner, or (2) post a confidential private dispute where only invited arbitrators or mediators can participate.

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