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MRS BPO LLC Introduces Revolutionary New AI Tool for Call Centers Using IBM Watson

CHERRY HILL, N.J., Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MRS BPO LLC, a leading provider of services to the accounts receivables management industry, today announced the launch of Adam, a proprietary conversational IVR that services customers. Adam is a blend of AI and IVR which learns and expands every day. It combines state-of-the-art voice recognition technology from IBM Watson with decades of contact center customer interaction experience, resulting in a unique product that reduces cost and improves customer experience.

Michael Meyer, Chief Innovation Officer of MRS BPO said, "Adam exists in an agile technology environment and we are always adding more intelligence and capabilities to him. We're constantly finding new ways to make use of IBM Watson to help add more intelligence into every facet of Adam. It's allowed us to reach a level of customer experience that is a huge win for our clients and their customers."

Adam is a fully managed software as a service built with an adaptable framework that allows for quick integration of APIs and customization that will allow for a variety of uses. Adam greatly augments call handling. He is available after hours and can handle thousands of simultaneous calls at once. Contact centers handle a multitude of calls that are not core to their primary business.

Adam leverages Watson Assistant, a solution that enables clients to build conversational interfaces into applications, devices and channels. Updated with new voice and speech-to-text capabilities, the solution enables Adam to assist customers on a wide range of topics, such as disputing a debt, disclosing a bankruptcy or communicating the death of a customer, make a payment or a series of payments or to pay a balance in full. One-way speech-to-text is also fully functional and two-way texting will be available soon.

Adam disposes of wait time for customers and most importantly, compliance errors. Because Adam does the same thing the same way, every time.

"Artificial intelligence is becoming fundamental to business and driving dramatic advances across every industry," said Aameek Singh, vice president, Watson Applications and Solution, IBM Data & AI. "IBM's leading virtual assistant technology, Watson Assistant, provides businesses with a tool to ensure customer questions are answered quickly and accurately, while also ensuring that employees are empowered to do their jobs efficiently."

Initial beta testing began in April 2018 and roll-out to Operations began in early 2019. "In the debt collection industry, Adam is a first of its kind, fully functional conversational IVR. This ground-breaking technology has literally transformed our operation. When customers engage with Adam, they do so by speaking naturally. There's no need to listen to menu options and repeatedly press numbers on their keypad. Adam's ability to understand and complete tasks, while handling large volumes of calls, has created operational efficiencies and increased recoveries to levels we've previously never seen," said Co-CEO Jeff Freedman.

Additional info about this partnership can be found at: https://www.ibm.com/case-studies/mrsbpo-voice-gateway

MRS BPO LLC is a full service accounts receivable management firm that offers pre chargeoff collection and post chargeoff recoveries services to a variety of industries. Founded in 1991, it has grown from a small New Jersey based agency to a large market provider with facilities in New Jersey, Ohio and Alabama, servicing over sixty clients in the financial services, automotive, marketplace lending, telecommunications, cable, and municipal sectors.  MRS has been recognized by many of its Fortune 50 clients for their commitment to compliance, quality and best-in-class technology solutions. For more information, visit https://www.mrsbpo.com.

About IBM & Artificial Intelligence
A world leader in AI for business, IBM has deployed Watson solutions in thousands of engagements with clients across 20 industries and 80 countries. IBM's Watson solutions are widely used in industries, including by 7 of the 10 largest automotive companies and 8 of the 10 largest oil and gas companies. Additionally, IBM Research is a world leader in the science of AI. In 2018, IBM secured 1,600 AI-related patents.


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