U.S. Markets close in 1 hr 59 mins

MrTopStep Closing Print Video 2 4 2013


As of today's close the S&P futures have closed higher 16 out of the last 23 trading days or up 11 out of the last 14.

SPH  high   1501.50 after the open
SPH  low    1490.50 late in the day
SPH  last    1491.00, down 15.7 handles

Total volume: 1.6mil ESH and 3k SPH trade in the pit

MOC :   22 of the DOW 30 for sale   / MOC buy 140mil  

Tomorrow: Elizabeth Duke speaks,Redbook, ISM Mfg. Index

Remember, the S&P made its early high on April 2nd up 12% so seeing the S&P down today after being up 6% on in the first month of the year says smart money is taking some profits.