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MST Services Has Acquired Orbis Partners, a Leading Purveyor of Evidence-Based Assessments for At-Risk Populations

ATLANTA, Jan. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MST Services ("MST"), the exclusive purveyor of scientifically proven Multisystemic Therapy, has acquired Orbis Partners ("Orbis"), the firm that provides a variety of products and services including the well-validated YASI (Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument) model, which is used by hundreds of juvenile justice authorities across North America to assess risk, needs, and protective factors in youth populations.

"Orbis' commitment to science and improved services for vulnerable populations is shared by MST," said Josh Glade, Co-CEO of MST Services. "Both MST and Orbis will continue to operate independently, and all Orbis partners, staff and associates will remain with the company."

Concurrent with the transaction, MST launched a parent brand named Empower Community Care ("Empower"). "Empower communicates to the world that MST and Orbis have joined forces to strengthen the underlying missions of both organizations," added Logan Greenspan, Co-CEO of MST Services.  In conjunction with the transaction, Glade and Greenspan assumed the roles of Co-CEO of Empower.

About MST Services

MST Services is the exclusive purveyor of Multisystemic Therapy, a research-supported, evidence-based, and trauma informed program for at-risk youth. The goal of MST is to keep families together and prevent the need for costly and ineffective out-of-home placements whenever possible.

About Orbis Partners:

Orbis Partners Inc. provides solutions for the helping professions, specializing in designing and implementing evidence-based services for at-risk and high-risk client groups. Services include assessment, programs, case work training and research and evaluation.

About Empower:

Empower is the parent brand of MST Services and Orbis Partners. The mission of Empower is to transform the lives of troubled youth, their families, and communities through scientifically proven treatments, approaches and tools to improve services and care available to vulnerable populations.

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