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Mt. Gox to Live Again, Bitcoin Is ‘Honestly Useless,’ and Jack Dorsey Likes Lightning Network: This Week in Crypto

P. H. Madore

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Mt. Gox to Rise Again

CCN broke the news that Brock Pierce will be re-opening Mt. Gox after Japanese courts approve a civil rehabilitation plan to repay creditors in cryptocurrency. Public reception of the idea has so far been luke-warm at best. Pierce told CCN:

The only person who would have a reason to be against me is Mark Karpeles. I was just with him a few days ago. Mark seems to be on the same page as I am.

Pierce is arguably the only shareholder in the failed exchange. The news of Mt. Gox’s failure was many people’s first introduction to Bitcoin, and Pierce wants to write a happy ending to that dark chapter of the Bitcoin movement.

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