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The MTA wants to get rid of your MetroCard by 2020

Akane Otani
Robert Barnes | Getty Images. The MTA hopes to completely replace MetroCards with smartphones or smart cards by 2020, NBC New York reports.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is looking to end the use of MetroCards in the New York City subway and bus system by 2020, NBC New York reports.

The agency announced this week that it is soliciting proposals for a MetroCard replacement — something that uses "contactless media," like a smart card, or riders' mobile phones.

The idea, NBC New York reported, is to allow riders to "pay fares by tapping a contactless bank card, smartphone, or any mobile device, or MTA-issued smart card against an electronic reader."

Once the MTA finalizes the contract for the MetroCard replacement, it will take the agency just under six years to bring it to life, according to NBC New York.

Read more about the MTA's plans at NBC New York.

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