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Watch: Muay Thai fight ends with epic double knockdown

Dorian Price and Jonathan Lecat both recorded a knockdown, but Price wound up winning the fight. (YouTube)

It may not be the most inspiring result of his career, but for Muay Thai fighter Dorian Price, a win is a win.

The American fighter’s most recent triumph came this past weekend at a Max Muay Thai event in Thailand, where he defeated Jonathan Lecat of France in the bout’s final seconds. And while Price was indeed victorious, he certainly didn’t leave the fight unscathed.

In the video below, Price can be seen connecting a right-hook with Lecat’s jaw late in the fight. Lecat, however, connects an elbow to Price’s face at the same time, sending both fighters to the ground in one wild double knockdown.

As soon as the fighters hit the canvas, the referee can be seen dropping down to one knee to begin the double 10-count. The two were left sprawled out on the mat for a few seconds before Price returned to his feet to claim the win.

“I really don’t too much remember it, but I’m glad everybody seems to like it,” Price shared with Bloody Elbow after the fight. “Normally, I get 3 days off after a fight, but I think after the response I might get a full week … I’m glad everybody was entertained.”

It wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done.

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