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How much Apple’s Bullish Crab retraces is key



Apple (AAPL) testing Bullish Crab PRZ (potential reversal zone), how much it retraces is key in that a shallow retracement keeps bears attempting to complete the Bullish Deep Crab.  The ideal retracement targets being the GRZ (golden ratio zone) fib levels as outlined by the blue rectangle. 

So the first level to be aware of is 508.68 to see if holds as support, if so, offers long opportunity to significant resistance test target 522 region with scaling points at Bearish Shark PRZ 516.94, 518.63, then GRZ levels.  Failure to hold above 508.68 has 505.58 to 505 as initial support zone test, a break down there has larger pattern (Bullish Deep Crab) PRZ at 496.03 as next short target.