How Much It Costs to Maintain a Gel Manicure

How Much It Costs to Maintain a Gel Manicure·Southern Living

Gel manicures have become part of many beauty lovers’ routines thanks to their incredible durability, glossiness, and a speedy application process. But before you hop on this nail trend, it’s important to know what the upkeep will cost you. Here’s how much it costs to maintain a gel manicure.

The price for a gel manicure can vary depending on where you live and the caliber of salon you’re visiting. Typically, a gel manicure can cost $5-$10 more than a regular manicure, with a starting price of $35.

The removal process is just as important as the manicure itself. Simply scraping or peeling the polish off can ruin your nail beds and cuticles. And those bad habits have consequences—it could actually make it harder for future gel polish to stay on. To keep your nails healthy, it’s safest to have your gels removed at the salon. Removal fees can cost anywhere between $10-$20.

One of the biggest draws of gel manicures is how long they last. Depending on how well you treat your nails, a gel mani can have the lifespan of about two to three weeks. Once your nails start chipping or growing out, it’s time for a fresh manicure. But when each session costs around $35, expect to pay $70 a month for continuous maintenance. Over the course of a year, your gel manicure habit could set you back at least $840.

Don’t forget to factor in bonus costs that contribute to your nail maintenance. Adding extra flair to your manicure, such as nail art, could cost $3 and up. That extra detail would total $30 or more for a full set of nails. It’s also important to maintain your nail health in-between manicures with treatments like Nail Inc's Overnight Detox Nail Mask to hydrate the surrounding skin, cuticles, and nail beds. Finally, tipping your manicurist approximately 20 percent is an industry standard, which could add anywhere between $7-$15 to your bill.

In total, the basic cost for a gel manicure, plus removal fees, nail art, treatments, and tips, could range from $45 to $100 for a single session. And if you plan to opt for a mani every two weeks, you’re looking at a $1080 to $2,400 annual price tag.

Despite the high cost of maintenance, a glossy coat that adds flair to your look could be worth it.