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Here’s How Much the Dow Can Plummet If Markets Repeat a 2008 Crash Scenario

W. E. Messamore
How low can the Dow go? Much lower, according to Peter Schiff, David Rosenberg and others. A mere repeat of the 2008-09 crisis could halve the Dow in a very short period. | Image: AP Photo/Richard Drew
  • Many analysts say the next financial crisis could be worse than 2008. If so, the Dow could crash as low as 13,600 or even lower.
  • If the stock market loses as much value as at did from the October 2007 peak to the March 2009 market low, over 50% of peak valuation will disappear.
  • The Buffett indicator shows this bear market is just getting started.

The analysts and indicators that predicted this stock market crash said it will be worse than the 2008 financial crisis. They predicted the crash, while Wall Street bulls in the throes of euphoria were blindsided. So their projections about how bad it will get bear significant credibility as markets decide what to do next.

Worse Than 2008 or Even The Great Depression

Euro Pacific Capital CEO and chief strategist Peter Schiff predicted this market crash in September 2018. And he nailed the timing. He told the New York Post it would hit within the next two years, near the end of Donald Trump’s first term. When the rally came crashing down in February, his prediction came true like clockwork:

Obviously, there is a whole lot of optimism — but there is a very good chance the US economy is in recession within the next two years. This is already the second-longest economic expansion in history.

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