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Municipal Councilor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, Franck Keller, Officially Launches Mayoral Campaign

NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Franck Keller, Municipal Councilor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, officially kicked off a campaign Monday for mayor in 2020.

Franck Keller

"I am a no nonsense, let's get it done kind of person," Keller said. He continues, "I believe there's nothing wrong with our city that can't be fixed by what's right with our city."

Neuilly-sur-Seine has been languishing for years, essentially since the time of the Nicolas Sarkozy' organization. Now he wants to embrace centrists and business interests who feel left out of the current administrations focus on marginalized communities.

Keller wants to focus on revitalizing those things that made the city great and plans to run on a platform of rebirth. The main talking points of his candidacy will be:

  • Revitalize business. For too many years the focus has been moving away from the importance of the role business plays in the rebirth, renovation and health of the municipality.
  • Rebuild Infrastructure. Mr. Keller plans and ambitious regimen of public infrastructure revitalization and new public projects, which will be coordinated with community leaders and citizens groups. He feels that its an integral part of any public project that the people for whom the project is meant to serve have a voice in its planning and construction.
  • Safety. He will reform the security protocols and expand the police force with new hires and procedural overhaul.
  • Transportation. An ambitious plan to make public transportation for students and minors will highlight a new approach to accessibility to the city and its cultural, educational and municipal centers.

Mr. Keller said in a recent interview, "Too long has our wonderful city languished under the shadow of the current administration's lack of leadership and inactivity. I will work tirelessly to make good on my promises and to restore greatness to our city."

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