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Musical Premiere Shines New Light on Benedict Arnold in Behind-the-scenes Look at the American Revolution

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The contemporary musical comedy Revolutionary Gentleman produced by Infinity Stage will premiere at Lee Center, 1108 Jefferson, in Old Town Alexandria April 13-15 at 7:30 pm.  Years in the making, the musical is based on the life of Benedict Arnold.

"He was kind of a romantic wannabe," says composer Steven W Rodgers.  "Ben fell in love with the beautiful Betsy Dubois, played by Anna Maria Shockey.  He wrote her a very sweet love letter. She turned him down, but later, when he fell in love with Peggy, his second wife, he just crossed out the name 'Betsy,' wrote in 'Peggy' and gave her the letter instead!  'Ok, then … dear Peggy, I guess..  Your heavenly charms have lighted that, uh, you know… inextinguishable flame in my heart…'"

Adds co-lyricist Carolyn Tracy, "Benedict Arnold was a good man, best friend of George Washington, some even say he was the greatest general of the Revolution—of either side. 

Unfortunately, Peggy happened to be from a very loyalist family. She had had an affair with a handsome young English major, John Andre—a guy who wrote poetry, painted landscapes and portraits—and when the Americans drove the English out of the city, Ben married Peggy.  Many believe that Peggy's close ties to John and to the King, was behind Ben's defection.  She was the classic femme fatale."

Elizabeth Colandene, who plays Ben's English nurse in 1801 London and "Every Woman" in Colonial America, says of the musical, "It's the movie 'Delovely' meets '1776' with rock, folk, and jazz music all mixed in! It details Benedict Arnolds life- -much in the style of Hamilton.  But Benedict is highlighted as a troubled anti hero- -he wants what is good, but is caught up in a lost dream."

Starring Peter Quentin Smith as Benedict Arnold, the composer selected the New York star of stage and screen after a nationwide search of over 275 applicants.  The musical also stars Laura Whittenberger, Mike Baker, Jr. Cameron Lee Conlan, and Jackie Madejski.  Cristina Cayere choreographs.  Aarron Loggins will be interpreting the musical all three nights in its entirety, in American Sign Language.

Also in the cast are Sara Breaux, Julie Britt, Colton Carroll, Carol Jean Clark, Jake Ehrlich, Craig Goeringer, Kurt Gustafson, Erica Haire, Brighid Hughes, Madeleine Koon, Harrison "Harry" MacInnis, Johnathan Newport, and Emily Samuelson.

Over 20 professional musicians contributed to the backing instrumental tracks, including string trio Disctrict Strings, guitarist Paul Bell, drummer Jeff Wolf , bass player Johnny Castle violinist Hepsibah Kim and Trumpet player John Wright.  

Performances of the musical are April 13-15 at 7:30 PM at Lee Center, 1108 Jefferson Street, Old Town Alexandria.  Parking is free.   Tickets are $34 and $39 at the door, or $29 and $34 online at www.InfinityStage.com.  

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