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Muslim World League Hosts Delegation of U.S. Evangelical Leaders, Reaffirming Need to Reject All Forms of Extremism and Hatred

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Sept. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Muslim World League and representatives of the U.S. evangelical community held a warm and constructive meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Monday. The two groups underscored their shared values and pledged to strengthen cooperation.

With the eighteenth anniversary of 9/11 drawing near, we reflected on the tragic terrorist attacks in the United States. At such a poignant time, both sides stress the need to reject all forms of extremism and hatred. Together we will build bridges of cooperation between peoples of all faiths and cultures.

In our meeting, we took note of the historic Charter of Makkah agreed to this summer when the MWL convened a meeting of more than 1,200 leading Muslim scholars. The charter emphasizes extending bridges of cooperation, coexistence and love to all peoples, and stresses the importance of dialogue as the most effective tool for building rapprochement with others and identifying common bonds.

In this spirit, our two communities agreed on Monday to promote respect for religions and to boost mutual trust. Together, we will overcome impediments to coexistence and put an end to violence amongst men. Through the power of education, we will promote religious harmony as well as cultural, ethnic, and national integration.

We affirm our commitment to the common values upon which our communities are built. As the nucleus of society family serves an important role in nurturing future generations with the values of moderation, love, and respect for others, regardless of their background. Inclusive citizenship guarantees justice for all in a diverse society, where the Constitution and the rule of law are respected.

Both communities also place great value on protecting places of worship around the world and prosecuting those who would attack these centers of peace. At the same time, we will promote initiatives and programs to combat hunger, poverty and disease.

The Medina Charter adopted by the Prophet Muhammad more than 1400 years ago focused on the rights of minorities. Today, the Charter of Makkah extends those values by emphasizing the importance of empowering women, a goal shared by both of our communities.

While we recognize the right to personal freedoms, we all agree that those freedoms do not extend to the abuse of others, especially towards people based on their religion, culture or race. We believe that by respecting these common values, we can bring people together regardless of their background.

Together, we reject all attempts to sow division between our two communities. Differences between people should compel us to extend the hand of cooperation, not pursue conflict between communities.

Secretary General of the Muslim World League
HE Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-lissa

The Evangelists delegation:

  1. Mr. Joel C. Rosenberg
  2. Mrs. Lynn A. Rosenberg
  3. Rev. Johnnie Moore
  4. Mr. A. Larry Ross
  5. Ambassador John Kenneth Blackwell
  6. Mr. Wayne Pederson
  7. Mr. Michael Little
  8. Pastor Skip Heitzig
  9. Mrs. Lenya Heitzig


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