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A Mustang Fastback with the Heart of a ZR1: Meet the Equus Bass770

Jeff Perez

What do you get when you mix a little bit of classic Mustang, with a whole lot of badass Corvette ZR1 horsepower, and put it all on top of a modern, lightweight chassis? Well, the Equus Bass770, of course.

Born and bred in the hills of northern Michigan, Equus Automotive released for 2014 the Bass770 muscle sportscar, a project nearly six years in the making. While on the outside, its clear that inspiration was derived from the classic Mustang fastback, under the hood you’ll find something of the Chevy variety with a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 off the Corvette ZR1.

Bass 16

But just because the Bass770 dons the classic look, doesn’t mean it’s built like one.

Coated in a healthy heaping of superformed aluminum and carbon fiber, the outside of the sportscar is as lightweight and modern as any on the road today. Inside, you’ll be happy to see it comes with all the amenities of any modern muscle car including air conditioning, a radio, power windows and door locks, and thankfully, a six-speed manual transmission.

Bass 6

Price for this gorgeous piece of engineering comes in at a hefty $250K. But for what it’s worth — power, looks, amenities — it seems well worth the price. Especially those desiring the look and feel of a classic, without all drawbacks.

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