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My love for fashion happened because of movies & Audrey Hepburn: Sonam Kapoor

Ever since Sonam Kapoor has been a part of the industry, she’s been hailed as the style icon of the industry. While her love for fashion is quite obvious, the reason behind that love is not! On the sets of the Vogue BFFs show, Sonam revealed a big secret of her life.

She said, “My love for fashion happened because of movies. It’s because of Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Hepburn! The reason I love Givenchy so much is because of Funny Face! You know, the incredible clothes that he did and the costumes that he gave her in the movie! Or if I look at Catherine Hepburn, she’s the first one to wear trousers and a swimsuit, Breakfast At Tiffany’s! You know, these are the movies that actually encouraged me to look at vintage and old stuff!”

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When asked how many times she changes her clothes on non-shooting days, she said, “I guess, four times!” Further, when asked how many bags she carried to Cannes, Sonam said, “Nine!” That’s an astounding number!