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MyChargeBack and SCARS Partner in Western Union Scam Recovery Campaign

NEW YORK, Oct. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MyChargeBack, the world leader in fund recovery for victims of online scams, and SCARS, the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams, have entered into a strategic partnership to recover funds sent fraudulently via Western Union.

"We are excited to be taking this step today to merge the worlds of fund recovery and victim advocacy," says MyChargeBack COO Amir Cohen. "MyChargeBack and SCARS have the synergy to create a whole new victim assistance ecosystem."

Unlike bank-mediated payment methods such as credit cards and bank wire transfers, Western Union has traditionally been perceived to be immune from fund recovery attempts. MyChargeBack and SCARS have developed a revolutionary legal strategy to recoup money in these cases. "We left no stone unturned by consulting with a number of distinguished jurists and several major law firms to create that new strategy" continues Cohen. "It's a ray of hope for people who could not be helped before."

The program is currently being offered to residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand who sent money via Western Union to perpetrators of online frauds such as romance scams and advance fee fraud, among others. Residents of other countries may also be eligible. Victims are urged to contact MyChargeBack without delay for a free initial consultation to determine their eligibility. If they are indeed eligible, MyChargeBack will develop for them a customized recovery strategy.

The contact form for more information about the Western Union Recovery Program can be found at https://againstscams.org/new-western-union-money-recovery-program/

About MyChargeBack

MyChargeBack.com is a global leader in fund recovery services. Working with over 750 banks worldwide, it has retrieved well over $10 million for clients in more than 150 countries. These cases typically involve authorized card-not-present transactions for goods or services that were not delivered as contracted. Founded in 2016, MyChargeBack is owned and operated by Cactil LLC, a Delaware corporation.

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