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myLAB Box Announces Top Travel Hook-Up Destinations in the World

Leading Direct-to-Consumer STD Test and Treatment Service Offers Safe Sex Tips for Traveling

LOS ANGELES, July 24, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- For those of us in the northern part of the hemisphere, we're in the midst of the Summer season, where millions are flocking to the beaches and also planning their excursions to both domestic and international destinations. With plans of traveling and meeting new people, comes the risk of hooking up with strangers that you may not see again, thus leading to potential sexually transmitted infections.

To help educate consumers on the locations around the world that are the top cities for getting that hot hook-up, myLAB Box announces its pick for the six cities for meeting new people for a hot adventure:

  • Ibiza - Ibiza is known worldwide for having one of the best party atmospheres in the world. However, when you go to Ibiza you quickly realize that everyone is rich, famous, and taking their party to another level on this island paradise. But besides the parties, you can also find yourself in one of Ibiza's hidden coves, perfect for bringing that someone new you met a few minutes ago.
  • Cabo San Lucas - Situated at the very tip of the Baja California peninsula, sits Cabo San Lucas. With a host of great clubs, bars, and lounges, like Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo and El Squid Roe, one can quickly lose track of time. Aside from the nightlife, Cabo San Lucas also has a beautiful scenery like the famous Arch. Take a boat tour to check out the sites, make new friends, then go back into town and then dance the night away.
  • Amsterdam - More like Amsterdammmn, this city is known for canals, bikes, cannabis, and the red light district. With an eclectic mixture of bars and clubs, Amsterdam is another great destination to make some new connections. While the Dutch are much more relaxed and low key, the city is home to clubs that have 24-hour licenses.
  • Bangkok - Thailand has long enjoyed a reputation for sexual tolerance and is very safe for LGBTQ travelers. Bangkok is very eclectic ranging from squeaky clean skyscrapers and high end shopping malls, to the oppressive sights and sounds of the local streets. Don't be surprised to find yourself one minute doing something very innocuous, and then the next minute, finding yourself demolishing buckets that are dirt cheap and staying up until the sunrise.
  • Miami - Miami is the perfect place to visit any time of the year. It has been recognized as a destination for celebrities and party-goers for a long time now. While walking on Calle Ocho, the smell of fruit stands through the air and the smell of fresh coffee is something to remember. Walk past any bar or nightclub and the sound of Latin music blasts onto the streets. But besides all the fun, if done right, a trip down to mini Havana can be a super-economical vacation.
  • Las Vegas - The ultimate playground for adults looking to explore its entertainment, cuisine, and nightlife scene, Las Vegas is the place to be! With massive casinos and extravagant establishments are all poised to take up every minute of your vacation. Las Vegas is known for its worldwide reputation as the center of gambling, shotgun weddings, and outrageous behavior. And as people say, "Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"... Except for STIs.

"No matter where you are traveling this summer, you're sure to see some tempting sites – and we mean both the locale and the people. If you're lucky… you'll be getting lucky, too. Good for you! Sexual adventures are some of the best reasons to hit the road (or plane!). But if you do hit the sheets, be sure to get tested. Regular testing is the key to staying safe and sexy," said Lora Ivanova, CEO & Co-Founder, myLAB Box.

Safe Sex Tips While Traveling

Everyone has their usual vacation essentials checklist such as swimsuit, sunscreen, the little black dress or that fly button-up that gets all the girls. But, one should not forget the most important essentials are those that ensure safe sex. Here are some key tips to safe sex while being abroad:

1) Make an appointment: Before you pack your "essentials" and leave to another country, make an appointment to see your doctor and receive all the needed vaccines and medicines before you leave. Consider getting vaccines for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and HPV. Getting vaccinated is one of the most effective methods for preventing these infections.

2) Get tested before you travel: If you're sexually active, it should be a standard operating procedure to get tested for STIs every 6 months (at the very least!). More often if you're having sex with multiple partners. Getting tested is easy, affordable and it will help you arm yourself with information about your status. Whether you're concerned about the cost of STD testing, convenience or confidentiality, myLAB Box has you covered when it comes to getting tested for STDs. We offer quick, confidential tests that can be paid for out-of-pocket for about half the price you'd pay at a doctor's office. They're shipped in discreet packaging and can be done in about five minutes. And if you live in one of the many states that offer telemedicine, you can even use myLAB Box to connect with a doctor and get prescribed your treatment right over the phone. That means there are no excuses for staying in the dark about your sexual health.

3) Always pack condoms: Safe sex is sexy sex -- but only if you're using a condom the right way. Use a new, latex condom for every act of vaginal, anal, or oral sex. And don't forget to check the expiration date, because an expired condom can break easily -- rendering it useless. (Chances are, the condom that's been in your wallet or purse for the past two years might need to be replaced). More importantly, if you feel the condom break at any point during sexual activity, stop immediately and put on a new one. Some people might consider that a "mood killer," but the thought of transmitting or contracting an STD is exponentially worse.

4) Stay away from needles: Do not share needles or any devices that can break the skin. This can include needles for tattoos, piercings, and acupuncture. Please exercise all precautions and don't risk your health by getting any type of STDs for using a contaminated needle.

Before departing to another country and having the time of your life, always make a mental note to yourself about having protected sex at all times. Be vigilant of any symptoms and get tested regularly. Keep in mind, if you do end up being concerned that you might have been exposed to an STI, myLAB Box is here to help. myLAB Box kits use FDA-approved technology and are validated by fully licensed CLIA-certified. All the tests kits have the same diagnostic accuracy as testing in a laboratory or a doctor's office. myLAB Box kits range from $79 for a single test to $399 for a 10-panel screen.

About myLAB Box
Founded in 2013, myLAB Box is the first company to offer a nationwide at-home screening platform for STDs. All myLAB Box tests are validated by fully licensed CLIA-certified myLAB Box lab affiliates with extensive experience in testing for infectious diseases. By offering testing, screening or testing services directly to consumers, myLAB Box is able to offer exceptional service at half the cost of conventional lab tests. From affordable screening to complementary physician consultations for positives, every aspect of the myLAB Box service is designed to be safe, effective and efficient. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit http://www.mylabbox.com.