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Mysterium Network, Sentinel Launch dVPN Alliance To Make Internet Users “Untraceable, Unblockable And Unhackable”

·3 min read

Zug, Switzerland, Oct. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Web 3 projects Mysterium Network and Sentinel have today launched an alliance which aims to protect online users from personal data hacks, cybercrime and surveillance. The new decentralized VPN (dVPN) alliance is open to all Web 3 projects who want to build a better internet and create a unified standard around how censorship-resistant, privacy-focused platforms and tools are built.

The first quarter of 2020 has been the worst in data breach history, with over 8 billion records exposed. Targets include high profile organisations and companies such as the United Nations, Twitter and Easyjet. Just this week, over 400,000 users of food delivery app Chowbus had their personal data leaked.

Mysterium and Sentinel developed some of the first decentralized VPNs in the world. A dVPN is a solution for the hidden flaws and problems with centralized VPNs, such as logging and centralized storage of user data.

“There are very few enforced standards when it comes to building the platforms and tools which make up the internet today. This means that businesses, including VPNs, are free to track their users and store their data insecurely. While new legislation such as GDPR is a step in the right direction, it does nothing on the infrastructural level, which is why data hacks occur on a weekly basis,” says Marcel Velliux, a member of the SNT Foundation, a core supporter of the Sentinel network.

The new digital collective hopes to bring more projects to the table to help shape policy and public understanding of how decentralized internet technologies make a significant social impact. The alliance has already produced an in-depth guide on dVPN exit nodes, to inform and protect users who run them.

“Fixing our broken internet is a mammoth challenge to take on. If we’re to undo decades of centralization and corporatisation, we need typically competing projects to work together. Just like decentralized, peer to peer technologies depend on people coming together for a common purpose, our cause unites teams who are dedicated to making the internet a more accessible and safe public space for every netizen,” says Jaro Šatkevič, Head of Product at Mysterium Network.

The alliance is founded upon a dedication to the following principles in Web 3 development; open source, permissionless, distributed logs, peer to peer and privacy. A collaboration on multi-network relays and multi-hop solutions is currently in development.

Explore the dVPN alliance here.

About Sentinel
Sentinel is a network layer that enables a peer-to-peer, decentralized applications and resources marketplace. Sentinel enables anyone to create public and private networks that provide access to both free and incentivized services (dApps) & distributed resources, enabling individuals to become both producers and consumers in the network. Sentinel’s flagship application is the Sentinel dVPN.

About Mysterium Network
Mysterium Network is building the world’s largest P2P network to power Web 3 privacy applications. An open source, Swiss-based company founded in 2017, Mysterium is rewiring the internet so it’s secure, free and accessible for all. Mysterium’s decentralised VPN is currently available for Android, Mac and Windows. This dVPN plugs into a global network of residential nodes, one of the fastest growing online communities decentralising the web. This open marketplace allows anyone to rent their unused bandwidth and IP address with those in need, protecting others against censorship, surveillance and cybercrime.

Media Contact Details:
Company name: Mysterium Network
Company Email: savannah@mysterium.network
Company website: https://mysterium.network/