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Mystery Contents Of Locked Vault In New Zealand Have Redditors Around The World Dying With Anticipation

Walter Hickey

A mysterious vault found in the basement of a New Zealand home has Reddit users salivating over what could possibly be inside.

On Friday Reddit user dont_stop_me_smee posted an album on the Pics subreddit, explaining that a friend of his moved into a former drug house and found a huge safe and that they wanted to get it opened.

Surrounding the massive vault are ten inches of solid reinforced concrete on all sides, and curiosity about the contents have reached a fever pitch on the massive news and entertainment site. 

Immediately, several Reddit users with advanced knowledge of safes chimed in with tips and suggestions. Redditor Tof1911 quickly identified the vault as a Sargent and Greenleaf dial 6630 and recommended opening it with either a stethoscope or a bore-a-scope.

Soon, the original poster announced that he had set up a special subreddit to discuss the safe and provide updates, /r/WhatsInThisThing, which rocketed to over 60,000 subscribers in two days. 

For some time, dont_stop_me_smee had even set up a live stream of the vault as he and friends attempted to figure out how to get in.

Some Redditors following the vault grew frustrated with the original poster's reticence to just call a locksmith but still others kept researching. One learned that there is only one Sargent and Greenleaf retailer in all of New Zealand, a possible lead.

Even more, other users started posting their own found safes to /r/WhatsInThisThing, prompting even more tantalizing mysteries.   

The official predictions thread — with close to a thousand comments — is ground zero for wanton speculation of the safe's contents.

Some say it's Tupac, some suggest that an additional safe is inside the vault, others think it's probably nothing. One person suggested it's " an apocalypse bunker, and inside there's some smelly hobo watching pre-recorded VCR tapes while eating cans of preserved tomatoes."

This morning, dont_stop_me_smee made a number of announcements. First, he contacted several safe experts in the New Zealand area to try to crack the beast. He also used the intelligence that several Redditors had assembled to try all of the factory settings of the S&G dial 6630, unfortunately with no success. 

He also categorically declined to just blow the safe up, prompting groans

The posts about the safe repeatedly hit the front page, and it's one of the major stories of the Reddit news cycle.

If the contents of a massive locked vault that previously belonged to a New Zealand drug dealer interest you at all, join us in constantly refreshing /r/WhatsInThisThing.

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