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The Myths About Instagram Verification

·3 min read

We spill the beans about Instagram verification to try and dispel some myths. Can you separate fact from fiction?

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Everyone knows that getting verified on Instagram is the best way to get big fast. Those with the verification marks don’t earn special privileges; it’s more of a prestigious thing. People want to be verified as if it shows that you have graduated to the next level of Instagram… even though the perks are imaginary, we all still like it.

If you have a brand, then this verification becomes even more crutial. The last thing you want is for someone to claim your brand name for themselves because you’re not the verified owner of a trademark name. When we start getting into the legality of names and handles, it all gets a bit murky.

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So, to dispel some of that murk, we wanted to sort out the Instagram verification myths from the Instagram verification truths.

Instagram Verification Myths Busted

Let’s review and correct some of the more common Instagram myths out there to see if we can’t find you some answers.

Instagram Verification Myth 1 – The Shadowbanning Myth

Instagram isn’t blocking the success or reach of your posts. It isn’t deliberately punishing you for lousy usage by lowering exposure to your posts. Shadowbanning – a term popular on TikTok, too – isn’t even a real thing… and it certainly isn’t the reason why you aren’t getting verification.

This is a myth we could all do without. While Instagram’s CEO has outright denied that it exists, there is still some protest from minority groups who feel their voices aren’t being heard. Even marketing guru Neil Patel claims it is a real thing and gives instructions on avoiding it. He describes, though, the process of not following social media channels rules and therefore seeing a drop in rankings. This is a different ballgame.

The key takeaway here? If Shadowbanning is accurate, the best way to avoid it is to follow the rules.

Instagram Verification Myth 2 – Posting once a day is essential for standing out

This just isn’t true. Studies have shown that two critical times per week when posting to Instagram are most beneficial to your brand. A Wednesday at around 11 am and a Friday between 10 am and 11 am are best[1].

Instagram Verification Myth 3 – Operating a Business Account lessens your visibility

This is a natural and perfectly logical myth. Say you are a photographer by trade, and you have built up a sterling reputation for yourself on Instagram showing off your skills. Your numbers are good, your engagement is off the charts…but you are naturally hesitant about converting to a business account because it might change all that.

The good news is that this is just a myth. Switching to a business account won’t influence your reach in a single jot, it just helps users to know if you are selling your skills or not.

Still Confused About how to Grow on Instagram?

If you still don’t feel confident enough to negotiate the myths and grow on Instagram, it’s time for you to call in professional help. There are numerous firms who can guide you through the minefield, but we like the calm professional nature of the Fresh Engagements team. Grow, succeed, make your business better. The future is in your hands.