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NAACP CEO: How America’s corporations can help achieve racial justice

Derrick Johnson
President & CEO, NAACP
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    David P
    Start with telling the people you represent to put the effort into education and the skill set needed.
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    Goggles Pisano
    I was at a meeting 15 years ago when I was in management with a fortune 500 company. We brought the local NAACP President and two of his officers in to talk about partnership. Within 30 minutes they literally tried to extort money from us by asking for a donation so that the complaints in their files would go away. We gently kicked them out and never had any more contact with them. I just wonder how many times this scenario played out over the years.
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    By hiring the best qualified people regardless of their race. Pretty Easy stuff.
    But that's not the answer, I know. It's by making sure X% of all employees are of each race, sex, religion, etc. completely ignoring their merit. What we actually strive for is inequality.
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    See Serena melt down and Omarosa and you see what "Social Justice" gets you. I'll pass
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    Maybe individuals should start focusing on PERSONAL responsibility!?!
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    the anti-liberal
    The NAACP is the black equivalent of the clan and and I for one denounce ALL racism and racist organizations. These type of organizations promote racism, hatred and division and the liberal left embraces all of it. If we ever want to really end racism in this country then organizations that promote it need to go! That's all I have to say about that.
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    that was a whole lot of nothing speak.....any specifics????
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    The racism in this article is shocking. What happened to Dr Martin Luther King's dream of applying equal consideration to everyone based on their character and merit, not on the color of their skin?
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    John Boner
    But why are almost half of all violent crimes and murders committed by a relatively small segment of the population? Why? Fix that problem. If you solve that riddle and everything will fall into place. Just whining about perceived injustice will get you NOTHING.
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    NAACP comments stated in this article are very generalized and biased with preconceived assumptions. Nothing provided in this article details or explains anything that constitutes injustice by any person or business. This is just another in a series of fake social injustice marketing.