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NAI sues GNC, Woodbolt and Bodybuilding.com for patent infringement

Natural Alternatives International announced that it has sued Woodbolt Distribution, also known as Cellucor, Woodbolt, GNC Corporation (GNC), and Bodybuilding.com for patent infringement. The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Houston, Texas, alleges that Woodbolt's newly-introduced Neon Sport Volt product infringes two patents that are part of NAI's worldwide portfolio covering CarnoSyn beta-alanine. NAI also asked the Court to preliminarily enjoin sales of Volt. NAI's complaint is based on two patents, U.S. Patent Nos. 8,067,381 and 8,129,422 , both entitled "Methods and compositions for increasing the anaerobic working capacity in tissues. "The complaint alleges that Woodbolt is marking the Neon Sport™ Volt™ product as "(a)n in your face, high energy pre-workout with unmatched doses of beta-alanine" and other ingredients, and that "Volt's signature ingredient is surely beta-alanine, and at max dose, Volt™ delivers, in many cases, more than 2x the amount of max dosed competing products."