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Nancy Pelosi just gave the longest continuous speech in House history -- all in 4-inch heels

AOL.com editors

People are calling Nancy Pelosi "Wonder Woman" for more than a few deserving reasons. 

Just yesterday, the almost 78-year-old House Minority Leader gave the 'longest continuous speech' in House history to fight for the country's DREAMers. Lasting more than 8 hours, Pelosi did it all in four-inch heels. Ouch.

Filibusters aren't technically allowed in the House, but Pelosi's ranking permitted her to hold the floor for as long as she wanted. And she took this responsibility seriously, with only the occasional sip of water and minus any bathroom breaks.

The speech, which began around 10 am, told the stories of those protected under the DACA act, which President Trump has repeatedly fought against. 

Not even "sniffles" from the rug could stop her, although she expected to get "hungry or thirsty," as she explained. Wrapping at 6:10 pm, Pelosi received a standing ovation from those in the House as well as those watching from their televisions at home. But she received the biggest standing ovation from Twitter. 

Whether it was hour 4 or hour 9, Twitter was continuously in awe of her stamina. #GoNancyGo became a trending hashtag on the social media platform. 

"The thing about high heels is they actually hurt more when you're standing still than when you're walking. What I'm saying is that Nancy Pelosi is Wonder Woman," tweeted one. 

Commented another, "Any guy who’s criticizing @NancyPelosi right now, I dare you to talk about ANY topic for 8 hours while standing in four-inch-heels while the world watches."

We're not sure how she did it, but we'd suggest something a little more comfortable the next time she takes the floor. 

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