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Nanotech Security Corp. Receives ''Most Promising Pre-Commercial Technology'' Award

KolourOptik® technology shows commercial promise in security and authentication

Vancouver, British Columbia - Nanotech Security Corp. (the “Company”) (NTS.V), developer of next-generation security and authentication features using patented nano-optics, is pleased to announce that it has received a Technology Impact Award (TIA) for Most Promising Pre-Commercial Technology at the annual British Columbia Technology Industry Association awards ceremony. The award recognizes the outstanding achievement for a technological advancement that has high potential to commercialize within five years.

Nanotech Security CEO, Doug Blakeway commented ''Our optical nanotechnology exploits a similar phenomenon found on the iridescent wings of the Morpho butterfly, which have a grid of tens of millions of nano-scale (billionth of a meter) markings that trap, intensify and reflect light in a way that causes the wings to scintillate brilliant colours. At Nanotech Security we have developed a patented technology that improves on nature by directly embossing nanometer-scale indentations onto various materials using algorithms which increase hole density by a factor of ten creating true recognizable pure colour images which can even be animated. The potential for enhanced anti-counterfeiting and other commercial applications are far beyond any existing image-based technologies such as holograms.''

Mr Blakeway added ''We appreciate the recognition of the BC Technology Industry Association whose membership and resources are a constant source of support and inspiration for us. The association makes an important contribution to the economic well-being of all British Columbians.''

For additional information about Nanotech Security’s KolourOptiks® nano-technology, visit https://vimeo.com/nanotechsecurity.

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Nanotech Security Corp.

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About Nanotech Security Corp:

Nanotech Security Corp. is developing its nanotechnology for authentication and anti-counterfeiting markets under an exclusive sub-license from Simon Fraser University, where the technology originated. Founded in 1984, Nanotech Security Corp. has developed technology and services in areas of criminal justice, infrared night-viewing, tracking security and forensics.

The Company’s products are being developed to be usable both overtly through an image visible to the naked eye and also in a covert manner, including invisible (to the eye) authentication features using machine-only readable data. The nano-images produce vibrant colours and seemingly animated images which allow observers to quickly identify the authenticity of the product to which a KolourOptiks® optical marker or tag has been affixed. The technology works by using a nano-scale matrix or array of holes, which are smaller than the wavelength of light to capture ambient light using ultra-high optical efficiency and high pixel density. These KolourOptiks® can be directly imprinted into nearly any surface including polymers, metals and even paper, becoming part of the product itself. The outstanding optical performance of this technology allows it to be used without mirror-like coatings found on traditional security features like holograms. They can be applied as a security image on a transparent window in a banknote or other product. The Company is working to enhance security for currency as well as many other applications including authenticating legal documents, merchandise, concert tickets, tax-paid stamps, medical & credit transactional cards, visas & passports, pharmaceuticals and for eye-catching brand and logo recognition. More information about the Company can be found at the Company’s website www.nanosecurity.ca or www.sedar.com

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