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NanoViricides reports construction of new facility nearing completion

NanoViricides reported that construction of the modern R&D Lab and cGMP Clinical Production facility in Shelton, Connecticut, is nearing completion with some weather-related delays. The company reports that the R&D lab section of the facility is ahead of schedule. Once construction of the cGMP Clean Room Production Suite is completed, the project will enter the facility testing and validation phase. The company is performing certain scale-up studies and production of the quantities of FluCide needed for the “Tox Package” study at its current facility, as previously reported. The company anticipates transitioning staff to the new facility upon obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. The total renovation project went through many changes of design and scope to fit the budget. Construction began in earnest around August 2013, as previously reported by the company. Though generally on schedule, the recent severe winter weather has delayed delivery of certain specialty equipment necessary for the cGMP Clean Room and has created some construction delays.