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Narrative Watch: Why 2020 Will Be the Year of the DAO

Nathaniel Whittemore

The aftershock of the 2016 hack of The DAO meant decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) weren’t nearly as hyped as ICOs and, later, some other aspects of the Web3 movement. In 2019, however, DAOs came roaring back and start 2020 with the wind in their sails. 

In this episode, we look at the tale of the tape for DAOs in 2019 – what people thought would happen and what actually did happen, including the launch of MolochDAO, MetaCartel, ethereum’s MarketingDAO and more than 1,000 DAOs on Aragon.

We also hear from Aragon One founder Luis Cuende who discusses 1) why the newly launched Aragon courts expand what DAOs can do, 2) examples of the need for subjective human intervention in DAOs and 3) why 2020 is poised to be DAOs’ best year yet. 

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