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How to Narrow Your Audience

Tara Hunt

Originally published by Tara Hunt on LinkedIn: How to Narrow Your Audience

When I ask new clients: "Can you describe your audience?"

I get back a variety of answers:

  1. "Everyone."
  2. "Men age 18-34, Women age 18-34, Men age 35-50...." (pretty much everyone)
  3. "C-suite professionals, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, business people..." (again, pretty much everyone)
  4. And some other way that they manage to describe their audience being everyone.

But your audience is never everyone. Even the biggest brands with the biggest budgets in the world have a target market (or a few, but they speak to one audience at a time).

So, how do you determine what your exact right audience is? This is the topic of this week's video. Though there is no way that I can completely describe our research process in 6 minutes, I go over the acronym we use to test an audience for it being right for your message or not.


Truly Social is a web series that you can share with your boss or client when they're not really "getting" social. It's also the name of my company - where we work with clients on helping them develop their own content series.

I've been working on this social stuff for over 18 years and I've been a participant in the social web since 1992. My videos will come out every SUNDAY...with ~5 minute "lessons" on what are truly social practices (and what are NOT).