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NASCAR revokes Harvick's spotter's credential after sandwich falls off Indy Pagoda

You can apparently lose your NASCAR credential if you drop a sandwich from the top of the Pagoda at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

That’s what happened to Kevin Harvick’s spotter Tim Fedewa during practice for Sunday’s Brickyard 400 on Saturday. NBC captured audio of Fedewa radioing to the team to ask for someone to replace him atop the Pagoda because NASCAR took his hard card after a sandwich fell off the roof.

Near the top of the famous Pagoda is where spotters stand to work during races at Indianapolis. Because there are structures in the infield at Indy — and the size of the track — it provides the best vantage for spotters to see the entire track. Typically spotters are on top of the grandstands at most other tracks.

Per NBC, Fedewa got his hard card back about 45 minutes after Saturday’s second practice session ended.

We’re also amused by the sponsor synergy in this alleged caper. Harvick’s car is sponsored by Jimmy John’s. And if the sandwich was dropped off the roof because someone fumbled it, was instant replay utilized in determining whose credential was revoked? Maybe Fedewa made a good throw and it was simply a case of bad hands.

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