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Is NASDAQ Going Green?

Laura Brodbeck

On Monday, the marijuana-themed networking company MassRoots Inc (OTC: MSRT) announced its plans to become the first cannabis-based company to be listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market.

The company has been listed OTC since April 2015, but if it is accepted by Nasdaq, it will mark a major milestone for the company's growth.

Marijuana Network

MassRoots is a social networking app that connects marijuana users to industry participants like dispensaries and pot-themed companies. As the app itself doesn't handle any marijuana or facilitate sales directly, it can be used throughout the U.S., even in states where marijuana use is still illegal.

Big Opportunity

MassRoots Chief Executive Officer Isaac Dietrich said that the company's move onto a major market like the NASDAQ will likely help attract new investors and mark a huge step forward for both the company and the marijuana industry as a whole.

In order to comply with NASDAQ's requirements MassRoots is planning to strengthen its corporate governance and take other steps in order to ensure it meets all of the criteria.

However, even if the company is able to fulfill the requirements, there is no guarantee that the its application will be accepted.

Investors Interested In Pot?

It remains unknown how well MassRoots would be received by investors. On one hand, MassRoots would be the first company whose operations are directly linked to recreational marijuana use.

While companies like GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GWPH) are already listed on the exchange, their research explores using elements from cannabis to create new medical treatments. MassRoots, appeals to recreational users and gives investors a chance to invest in technology which may grow alongside the industry.

However, some could be wary of marijuana-linked investments as the industry's future is still uncertain as conflicting federal and state laws allow for the marijuana market to be shut down at any time.

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