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Nash Family Dentistry Provides Virtually Painless Frenectomies for Patients with Tongue and Lip Ties in Vicksburg, Miss.

Drs. Kenneth and Jonathan Nash of Nash Family Dentistry raise awareness for tongue ties and lip ties in Vicksburg, MS. They welcome pediatric and adult patients for frenectomy treatment.

VICKSBURG, Miss., June 10, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Nash Family Dentistry raises awareness of the aesthetic and functional limitations caused by tongue ties and lip ties in Vicksburg, MS. The dentists, Drs. Kenneth and Jonathan Nash, welcome pediatric and adult patients to receive custom and comfortable frenectomy treatment to improve dental function, speaking abilities and overall health.

The frenula are small pieces of tissue that connect the upper lip to the gums and the tongue to the floor of the mouth. The tissue helps to restrict the movement of the lip and tongue. If the frenulum is too restrictive and causes tongue tie, it can lead to difficulty breastfeeding in infants, dental problems, and trouble eating and speaking. Restricted movement can also increase the risk for cavities or the development of gum disease since the tongue cannot clear debris from the surface of the teeth. Lip tie, the restriction caused in the upper lip, can lead to difficulty breastfeeding in infants, a space between the front teeth, and poor denture fit in adults. Without treatment, tongue tie and lip tie can cause functional and aesthetic issues well into adulthood.

Frenectomy treatment improves the movement of the tongue and upper lip by removing a portion of the frenulum. Drs. Nash perform traditional frenectomy treatment using a scalpel to gently incise the tissue, or take a less invasive approach using a dental laser. With a dental laser, the frenulum is virtually painlessly "vaporized" with targeted laser light. This greatly reduces pain, bleeding, and swelling and promotes a faster recovery and return to normal activities.

Nash Family Dental offers comprehensive dental services, in addition to frenectomy treatment, at their Vicksburg, MS practice. The father-son team combines their training and skills to offer preventive, cosmetic, implant, and laser dentistry services. With a welcoming, familial atmosphere and high-quality care, the team at Nash Family Dentistry is pleased to provide a convenient and comprehensive experience for the whole family.

Adults in need of frenectomy treatment or parents concerned their child has tongue or lip tie in Vicksburg, MS are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Drs. Nash. Patients can contact the practice by calling 601-634-1812 or visiting http://www.vicksburgdentist.com.

About the Dentists

Nash Family Dentistry is a general practice offering personalized dental care for patients in Vicksburg, MS. Dr. Kenneth Nash, Dr. Jonathan Nash and their team provide patients with the latest in dental technology in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Drs. Nash offer a variety of services including laser dentistry, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry services, among others. To learn more about the services offered at Nash Family Dentistry please visit the website at http://www.vicksburgdentist.com or call 601-634-1812 to schedule an appointment.