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Nasty Naz: Naz Saleh’s Journey in Building His Reputable Brand

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 21, 2020 / Naz Saleh, otherwise famously known as Nasty Naz on Tik Tok has thoroughly displayed the true meaning of capitalizing on social media. Tik Tok has taken over the world and has managed to cater the app to users of all ages, conducting their algorithm to arrange videos to what their audience likes. The Tik Toker has created a full platform for himself gaining over 13 million followers over his time on the app, while generating a total of 375 million likes over the compass of his videos and also have an achievement of having the 4th most liked video on TikTok which has 25.1million likes with 236million views.

Though people tend to doubt the potential and influence Tik Tok holds across the world, Naz Saleh has built an eminent reputation for brands including FashionNova, WhatDoYouMeme, and popular apps on the AppStore. The ability to capitalize on social media successfully has been a true endearment for the Tik Toker. Gaining respect among the business world took time to grow as an influencer, but Naz plans to continue working with large corporations.

Naz Saleh attributes his success from his humanitarian mindset in helping those in need. From making his audience laugh through pranks to helping the local homeless community in providing aid, he has left a philanthropic impact on his audience. Before his rise to fame, Nasty Naz was working seven days a week, twelve hours a day gaining 1 billion views on over 60 videos of himself helping the homeless. To create an even larger impact on the community, the government viewed his help and took charge to bring the homeless people to rehab.

Aside from his benevolent actions shown upon social media, Naz admits his industry to be increasingly competitive throughout the influencer marketing industry. Recognizing the content you love to release and configuring how to preserve interest for the audience has been a challenge when it comes to the influencer industry. Maintaining patience with the viewers and those supporting him is key to building a follower base. Towards the beginning of his rise to fame, those around him discouraged his vision and potential while he already had a hold on a different career path. He believed in his abilities and was determined to be recognized for his unique content.

With the fast growth of Tik Tok, Nasty Naz witnessed others on the platform rise to success through their unique content and was inspired to pursue content creating his own way. Naz Saleh recommends to anyone building a personal brand to remain true to your genuine self and not become a cheap replica of a reputable individual. Staying consistent and doing what you thoroughly love will take you far with time. Unlike other content creators, he has remained humble in avoiding the display of a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle, which relates to his followers more. Naz prides himself on his humble beginnings and preserving that side of him for the sake of realness.

When asked about the meaning of success, Nasty Naz responded, "The true gift of success is holding the capability of helping my loved ones, enjoy life, and have the freedom to be my authentic self." Beginning a social media career in 2018, Naz Saleh has truly created an environment for himself that allows him the independence to help everyone around the world. Using fear as a motivational factor in taking risks and going against the crowd has led to the success of his platform. Nasty Naz accredits fear of changing his life from the ground up.

In terms of future plans, Naz Saleh plans to continue the growth of his Tik Tok and reach 20 million followers by the year. Aside from Tik Tok, he plans to continue to build a reputable brand among the business world to ultimately gain respect. To follow Nasty Naz's future endeavors among the social media and business industry, click here.

Kiley Almy
Next Wave Marketing

SOURCE: Naz Saleh

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