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National "I Have A Dream" Foundation Announces Agreement in Principle to Merge with New York Metro Affiliate

National "I Have A Dream" Foundation Announces Agreement in Principle to Merge with New York Metro Affiliate

National "I Have A Dream" Foundation Announces Agreement in Principle to Merge with New York Metro Affiliate

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Expands Services to Dreamers and Enhances Funding Opportunities

Leadership and Existing Programs Remain Unchanged

NEW YORK, June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The National "I Have A Dream" Foundation and "I Have A Dream" Foundation-- New York Metro today announced they have entered into an agreement in principle to merge, with the merger expected to take place during the third quarter of this year. They will become a single organization operating in New York City under the "I Have a Dream" Foundation (IHDF) name.

The merger, which is subject, among other conditions, to the execution of a definitive merger agreement and certain governmental approvals, will further enable IHDF's mission to positively impact the outcomes of the students it serves ("Dreamers").

"Through this combination, we will be better equipped to support the growth and strength of our Affiliates nationwide, providing high-quality programming that will ultimately serve more Dreamers and families both in the New York area and beyond," said Chairman of the IHDF National Board, Ron Terwilliger.

"This is a very exciting partnership," said Jeffrey Gural, Chairman of the IHDF – New York Metro Board. "We will be able to serve the Dreamers, families, and alumni here in our community more effectively, as well as our broader IHDF family of Affiliates around the country."

At the national level, IHDF's leadership will remain unchanged. Additionally, on-the-ground programming for existing New York Dreamers will not be impacted. The "I Have A Dream" Foundation boards will combine to lead the merged entity, continuing to serve both the NYC area as well as "I Have A Dream" Foundation Affiliates around the country and in New Zealand.

IHDF will continue to support its Affiliates so that Dreamers from across the nation can achieve at their highest potentials. The Foundation also plans to further augment its affiliate services moving forward.

About the "I Have A Dream" Foundation 
The "I Have A Dream" Foundation (IHDF) is a leading education nonprofit focused on breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty through a comprehensive program of support that follows the same group of young people ("Dreamers") from elementary school all the way through college. Founded in 1981 through the vision of Eugene Lang, IHDF has grown to operate more than 200 "I Have A Dream" programs in 28 states, Washington, D.C., and New Zealand, together serving 18,000 Dreamers.

Visit ihaveadreamfoundation.org to learn more.

About "I Have A Dream" Foundation – New York Metro 
Since its establishment as the very first "I Have A Dream" Foundation Affiliate, the "I Have A Dream" Foundation-- New York has provided quality programming to almost 1,500 Dreamers in the New York City area. The organization seeks to ensure all children in the New York metro area have the opportunity to pursue higher education and fully capitalize on their talents, aspirations, and leadership to have fulfilling careers and create a better world.

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