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National Legionnaires Lawyer Retained in Elmira Heat Treating Legionnaires' Outbreak

ELMIRA, N.Y., Nov. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- National Legionnaires lawyer Jory Lange has been retained in the Elmira Heat Treating Legionnaires Outbreak.  NYS DOH confirmed that a cooling tower at Elmira Heat Treating was contaminated with the same strain of Legionella bacteria that has sickened people in this outbreak. 

"We have been contacted by multiple people who have been harmed in this outbreak," says Jory Lange, a Legionnaires disease attorney.  "Legionnaires' disease is always very serious.  Most people infected with Legionnaires' disease will have to be hospitalized.  1 in 10 people die."

When water in cooling towers is not properly maintained, cooling towers can release mist contaminated with potentially deadly Legionella bacteria.

The Lange Law Firm is investigating this outbreak affecting 13 people in Elmira, New York.  Legionnaires' disease is a severe—sometimes fatal—form of pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria. 

Compensation for Legionnaires' Disease

Those who contracted Legionnaires' disease in the Elmira Legionnaires Outbreak may be entitled to compensation. To learn more about a Legionnaires' disease claim, please visit The Lange Law Firm's website, www.Legionnaires.com, or call 833.330.3663.

The Outbreak

The affected cooling tower at Elmira Heat Treating has been shut down and will be drained, scrubbed, and flushed. 

According to the NYS DOH,  "Environmental samples were collected by the State and County health departments in the homes of those patients and from cooling towers in proximity to determine whether there was a common point of exposure. After extensive testing, a sample collected from one of three cooling towers at Elmira Heat Treating proved to match the Legionella bacteria from the four clinical cases.

NYS DOH and Chemung County investigators visited Elmira Heat Treating on November 1 to inspect all three cooling towers and gather operational information from the company's owners. The inspection revealed that one cooling tower did have a history of bacterial growth, but testing earlier in 2019 indicated it was within State acceptable levels for Legionella… Additional precautionary sampling was conducted on all three towers."

The Lange Law Firm

When corporations cause Legionnaires' disease outbreaks, Jory Lange helps the families who have been harmed. One of the nation's leading Legionnaires lawyers, Jory has helped families from Los Angeles to New York, and in cities across the nation. 

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