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National Parking Association Announces 2019 Innovation Award Winners

Facilities, Companies, and Individuals Recognized for Parking Innovation

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Parking Association (NPA) announced the winners of its 2019 Innovation Awards at the organization's 68th Annual Convention & Expo in Orlando, FL.

"The NPA Innovation Awards recognize companies and individuals who demonstrate the highest professionalism and parking best practices while using leadership and state-of-the-art technology to improve safety, sustainability and bottom line results," said NPA president Christine Banning, IOM, CAE.

The 2019 NPA Innovation Award winners are:

George Baker, Sr., ParkHub, NPA Innovator of the Year
Entrepreneur George Baker of ParkHub, based in Dallas, Texas wins top honors as NPA Innovator of the Year with a focus on advanced technology, big data and parking space optimization. His successful integration of data and technology into a powerful platform has resulted in rapid business growth. Park Hub recently secured series $13 million Series B funding. The success of his use of technology to optimize parking has been utilized at the past four Super Bowls.

This year, two outstanding organizations tied for honor as the Innovative Organizations of the Year Parking Services for the City of Columbus and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) take top honors.

Parking Services at the City of Columbus
The Parking Services group for the City of Columbus innovated with a master plan to more effectively manage supply and demand for residential and retail parking. Parking Services at the City of Columbus deployed a Virtual Permit Program as part of the City's Short North Parking Plan Expansion. The Virtual Permit Program leveraged integrated technologies and best practices to improve customer service and convenience; minimize the need for additional meters; enable LPR-based enforcement; and facilitate more data-driven decision-making. Key improvements made included: more than 68% of applications were received online; 13,500 virtual permits issued; 51,000+ plates read; and a 90% compliance rate.

The City is reinvesting funds from Parking Services' successful program directly into Short North mobility initiative and the Short North Alliance was able to hire a full-time mobility professional to spearhead much-needed projects.  

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
UCLA Transportation is responsible for helping a population of 85,000 navigate the campus. With over 23,000 parking areas to manage, UCLA Transportation innovated to meet a diverse set of parking and mobility needs, while addressing serious traffic and air quality issues.

Through the development of innovative sustainable transportation programs, the drive-alone rate at UCLA is now just below 37%. UCLA's online trip planning tool enables commuters to explore their best routes to the campus, be it by public transit, vanpool, carpool, biking, or walking.

UCLA is recognized for its ability to effectively manage a growing campus with limited parking.

Innovative Facility of the Year & Sustainability Project of the Year:

Center Street Parking Garage
Center Street Parking Garage, located in Berkeley, California, is a 250,000 SF, eight-level garage that sits on a site previously occupied by a 1950's four-story parking structure. The $40 million structure provides 720 spaces for cars and 350 spaces for bikes. 

The garage features an art exhibit space, café, bike valet, restroom facilities, state-of-the-art security system, and a dynamic parking counting system. Additional elements include electric-vehicle (EV) and tire inflation station spaces, a bike share network and a BART Bike Station with a bicycle-equipment repair shop and 55 secured bicycle parking spaces.

The exterior façade consists of folded perforated-metal panels, creating a wave-like form on both the Addison Street and Center Street facades. The exterior design is highlighted by accent lighting that is programmable and allows a dynamic variety of colors for visual effect at night.

87% of the construction workforce was comprised of regional labor contractors, resulting in shorter commutes and reduced environmental impact. 98% of construction waste was diverted from landfills by recycling.

The garage's rooftop has 500 solar panels that feed into a microgrid distribution network. Rainwater flows through 8,000-gallon cisterns which irrigate landscaping and planters. A flexible lane at each entrance allows traffic to switch directions based on the time of day and traffic flow to avoid backups.

About NPA
Parking is a multi-billion-dollar industry vital to the life and livelihood of communities across North America. The National Parking Association is North America's leading parking trade organization. Our mission is to serve as the market leader in parking industry research, education, and advocacy that advance the industry, and its leaders and parking professionals. We provide training, certification, and access to leading edge parking technology across the private and public sectors. Founded in 1951, NPA represents over 140,000 parking professionals in more than 2,500 commercial operations and public organizations. Learn more at WeAreParking.org.

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