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The Nationals' new beer prices could pay for Bryce Harper's contract themselves

Mark Townsend
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Planning on having a beer or two at the Washington Nationals home opener on April 5? Get ready to pony up, especially if you’re interested in some the team’s new offerings.

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According to the Washington Post, the Nationals will be selling 25-ounce large format beers at the first time. Not surprisingly, those additions will be pricey. According to one fan who attended Washington’s exhibition game at Nationals Park on Tuesday, 25-ounce craft beer prices will be $16 this season. 

In other words, if these larger beers catch on, the Nationals may have a means to afford the potential $400 or $500 million that’s coming Bryce Harper’s way next winter.

The Nationals confirmed to Yahoo Sports that they’ve added a new mega-jumbo 25 oz. craft beer can which is $16. They’ll also be selling 25 oz. bud products at $12 and their 16 oz. domestic draft beer is $9.  The team will continue to have Happy Hour at the ballpark prior to each game where 16 oz. Bud and Bud Lights are only $5.

As the tweet here notes, the more expensive beers will cost more than a premium World Series ticket did 55 years ago. That’s crazy, but some will tell you it’s not an unreasonable price compared to other sports and entertainment venues.

Beer prices at Nationals Park in Washington are so high they might be able to pay off Bryce Harper’s potentially historic free-agent contract.

Upon learning the prices, Nationals didn’t seen to agree.

In the coming days we’ll be monitoring how the Nationals’ beer prices compare to other teams around MLB, and whether these prices will become closer to the norm. Based on these numbers and at least one report from Dodger Stadium, fans looking for bigger beer choices should be prepared to spend big money for a beer at the ballpark this season.

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