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Native Commerce Grows Revenue 140% With the Maropost Marketing Cloud

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - May 24, 2016) - Maropost Marketing Cloud (www.maropost.com) -- the fastest growing provider of email and digital services in North America -- is pleased to share the client success story of Native Commerce (www.nativecommerce.com), a brand-building digital marketing and e-commerce company.

Keren Kang, Native Commerce's CEO, offered insight into the process of on-boarding her company with the email platform, after it found deliverability and segmentation issues with providers they used in the past. She recalls when she and Perry Belcher, the company's founder, were on the hunt for a provider with the ability to segment.

"Maropost was the most robust solution for us. We tried all the competitors out there. We tried a number of other platforms -- they lasted for maybe about a month or so until we just completely outgrew it. We not only outgrew the pricing plans, but it became a big disorganized jumble," Kang said.

Based in Austin, TX and Los Angeles, Native Commerce is made up of 53 media blogs, 16 brands and five eCommerce stores. Its current monthly email volume sits in the millions and is expected to grow as the company's brands, blogs and segmentation expands.

Kang states that almost 60 percent of the company's revenue is generated through email, and the service is the company's main source of communication -- selecting an email partner that is both easy to use and has an enterprise-grade infrastructure was critically important. She is able to reflect on why the Maropost Marketing Cloud has been so successful for Native Commerce.

"Maropost has brought us the ability to efficiently segment our universe, as well as overcoming all of the deliverability issues we had with our previous provider. Segmentation is critical to our success, as we have a wide range of brands where the content from one brand might be useful for another brand. Maropost's segmentation allows us to make that content match happen.

I love the way that Maropost is able to give you the analytics -- especially the speed of the analytics -- that we're able to see. It's virtually real-time. That speed of gathering knowledge was something that resonated with us," She said.

"The marketing automation workflows are highly customizable, easy to create, reliable and consistent. The reporting is better than most other email providers that we've used -- the campaign reporting and knowledge that comes with it are very important for us.

We also receive exceptional service from Maropost. Whether it's in-app chat or client success, the Maropost service level is fantastic," Kang added.

"Also, we really appreciate the rapid product enhancement of the Maropost platform. For example, when we first started with Maropost the marketing automation workflows were not even there. Then workflows got rolled out as a beta. Now there are even more features in the platform -- including SMS, push messaging and landing pages. The product is constantly being updated -- it's very welcome," she stated.

Amber Ewart, CMO of Native Commerce, added, "Another huge plus has been Maropost's ability to integrate with multiple platforms and shopping carts. Since email marketing is our main source of communication and revenue, constant lead generation is a necessity. We have several platforms we use for lead gen; it's very important for us to get those hot leads into Maropost and into a follow up series asap. Maropost's built in integrations make it easy and fast."

In speaking about results, Ewart added "since switching to Maropost, our delivery has risen from 90% to 99% and our revenue has jumped 140%. Maropost has been the platform that has helped us smash our growth goals."

Ross Andrew, Maropost CEO, offered his insight on the relationship with Native Commerce.

"Native Commerce is an incredible client -- they have a great number of brands they have developed and grown. We love it when our customers take full advantage of the power, sophistication and depth of the Maropost Marketing Cloud. It is always our mission to deliver powerful segmentation, outstanding support and the best deliverability services available for companies looking to excel in digital marketing. We look forward to providing even more tools to help Native Commerce be even more successful on the Maropost Marketing Cloud."

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