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Naturally Splendid Secures Industrial Hemp Supply Until End of 2016

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2015 / Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. (the "Company") (50N.F) (TSX VENTURE:NSP) (NSPDF) is pleased to announce it entered into an industry hemp supply agreement with a leading industrial hemp supplier whereby it has secured its estimated industrial-hemp supply until end of 2016.

Naturally Splendid VP of Operations Bryan Carson comments, "It is vitally important for Naturally Splendid to secure enough industrial hemp seed to facilitate expanding our sales rapidly in our existing retail lines, retail lines in development and for our raw hemp-oil input for producing HempOmega(TM). With this supply agreement now in place, the Company is confident we can focus on our sales and marketing strategies."

Under the terms of the supply agreement, the industrial hemp supplier will secure industrial hemp seed from Canadian producers and, in consideration of which, the Company will purchase a minimum of 1,365,000 kilograms (3,000,000 pounds) of bulk industrial hemp seed from HPS (the "Purchase Commitment"). The Company will be required to meet twenty five percent (25%) of its Purchase Commitment for each of the four calendar quarters commencing on October 1, 2015. The bulk industrial hemp to be purchased from the supplier will be shelled and/or crushed producing three separate products: (i) shelled hemp seed; (ii) hemp protein; and (iii) hemp oil. The hemp oil, in turn, can then be converted by the Company into HempOmega(TM) utilizing the Company's licensed water-soluble omega technology.

Company CEO Craig Goodwin states, "Securing our raw input needs provides the Company with the confidence to approach a much wider range of potential clients, most notably in the multi-billion dollar omega market where we believe our value-added HempOmega(TM) technology has the potential to gain market share through a wide range of sales opportunities ranging from human, pet and feed stock applications. Discussions with significant companies using omegas in their existing formulations, or, wish to create omega-infused products, are on-going".

About Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd.

Naturally Splendid has an exclusive licensing agreement to market and distribute, the full complement of patent pending, plant-based omega products created by Boreal Technologies. The products include HempOmega(TM) and H2Omega(TM), as well as the AlgaeOmega(TM) FlaxOmega(TM), CanolaOmega(TM), and ChiaOmega(TM) plant based omega products. These novel products utilize microencapsulation and are available in both a powder format and an aqueous solution for increased flexibility in ingredient applications and stand-alone products. Additionally, the Company has licensed from FSL progressive cannabinoid extraction and formulation technologies including the world's first water soluble cannabinoid patent.

Naturally Splendid's 100% owned NATERA(TM) line of hemp-based superfood products are carried nationwide by Canada's leading health food distributors and a network of retail stores across Canada including major retailers and specialty stores. Naturally Splendid's recently rebranded "NATERA(TM)" line of products includes natural and flavored shelled hemp seeds as well as natural and flavored hemp protein powders.

About POS Bio-Sciences

POS Bio-Sciences offers expertise and service in bioprocessing applied research from bench-top to commercialization scale. POS' focus is process development, analytical services, and custom processing as well as specializing in extraction, fractionation, modification and purification of biobased materials.

All POS Bio-Sciences processes are GMP-compliant and fully supported by quality assurance, commitment to regulatory compliance, and certification to international standards. POS' also offers a suite of support services to assist clients and ensure that project outcomes meet their needs and expectations.

POS Bio-Sciences is a registered business name of POS Management Corp.

About Full Spectrum Labs Limited

Full Spectrum Laboratories, LTD. incorporated in Ireland, is a bioresearch and product development company with operating subsidiaries in Canada and the United States. The company has principally focused on the plant cannabis sativa and has developed numerous technologies and made several discoveries resulting in two granted patents and over 11 patent applications, in just under 5 years. FSL currently concentrates on formulation and extraction technologies; analytical cannabis testing in Canada; advance cannabis plant breeding specializing in CBD expression; and cannabinoid bio-synthesis.

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