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NaturalShrimp Announces Indoor Grown Crop of Shrimp Healthy, Exceeding Expectations

Retains IR Firm to Assist in Stock Price, Liquidity

DALLAS, Nov. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- NaturalShrimp, Inc. (SHMP) today announced that the shrimp at its production facility near San Antonio, Texas, are healthy, active and growing steadily toward harvest size.

NaturalShrimp (www.naturalshrimp.com) is producing fresh, gourmet-grade shrimp economically in an indoor all-natural environment.  Its patented technology ensures that harmful organisms and other potential problems cannot destroy the shrimp. 

“We are developing the first commercially viable system for growing shrimp indoors that can be replicated anywhere in the world,” said Bill Williams, Chairman and CEO. “Shrimp is the single most consumed seafood in the world, with nine billion pounds eaten annually.

“Currently shrimp is harvested by ocean trawlers using nets which destroy the ocean’s environment and kill numerous other sea creatures or by open-air shrimp farms, mostly in third world nations, which use dangerous levels of chemicals and antibiotics.  These methods are unsafe, unsustainable and ecologically harmful. We use no toxic chemicals or antibiotics,” said Mr. Williams.

NaturalShrimp also announced it has retained E & E Communications, Texas, to assist its investor relations effort.  E & E Communications (www.eandecommunications.com) has helped hundreds of public companies all over the world and recently completed an assignment to increase stock price and liquidity to keep a Chinese company on NASDAQ.  “NaturalShrimp has the best story, the best science and the best management team we’ve seen in a long time.  We are looking forward to telling their story,” Mr. Knopick said.

About NaturalShrimp, Inc.

NaturalShrimp, Inc. (SHMP) is a publicly traded agro-technology company headquartered in Dallas, Texas with production facilities located near San Antonio in LaCoste, Texas. The Company has developed the first commercially viable system for growing shrimp indoors using patented technology that produce fresh, never-frozen, naturally grown shrimp without the use of antibiotics or toxic chemicals. NaturalShrimp systems are self-contained, saltwater production facilities that can be located anywhere in the world to produce gourmet-grade Pacific White Shrimp.