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Naturopathica Holistic Health Opens Flagship Center on Madison Avenue

The world's first holistic wellness center offers customized services and bespoke wellness programs

NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Naturopathica, America's first clean skincare brand, is proud to announce the opening of its new health center, located at 667 Madison Avenue, New York City. "Naturopathica is at an exciting inflection point in our history; we're ready to assume leadership in the category we originated twenty-five years ago. Our Madison Avenue Health Center, our third branded location, will be the launch pad for unprecedented, omni-channel growth," said Barbara Close, the brand's Founder.

Unlike traditional spas or facial-bars, Naturopathica's holistic approach to beauty cares for the entire body, inside and out. Visitors to the new center may simply browse the brand's professional strength, highly efficient skincare products, or work with the brand's Wellness Concierge to design bespoke, multi-step programs. Known as practices, these combinations of therapies, ingestibles, topicals and classes are tailored to the specific needs and lifestyles of the individual guest.

The ground floor retail space boasts soaring, 25' walls and cathedral-like windows that flood the interior with natural light. The enormous walls are shelved with a plethora of herbs used in the brand's expansive range of topical formulas and ingestible tinctures and elixirs. The iconic blue bottles of the brand's skincare products are organized by practice: Clear, Nourish, Defy, and Chill. The retail area has interior access to neighboring American luxury accessories brand Mark Cross. As craftmanship and sensory delight are the hearts of both brands, the resulting shared retail experience is highly visual, theatrical, and innovative.

Entering Naturopathica's downstairs space is akin to discovering a new world. Cocooned in sound-tested drapery, the space seems completely apart from the busy streets above. This multi-functional sanctuary of meditative quiet features a central waiting area and four treatment rooms in which clients may receive a massage, facial, IV drip, or energy consultation, amongst other therapies. Within moments, the treatment rooms and center waiting area can be transformed into a single large space for meditation classes, lectures, or early morning toddler movement classes curated by a Julliard-trained dancer (stroller valet included).

"Efficacy and sustainability go into every choice we make," said Tim Simmons, SVP of Creative Services at Naturopathica. "I was inspired by theatrical set design to use light, texture, and sound to create different moods. Each room can be used for any of our services, and the entire downstairs area can fold out to a single larger area for group activities. Productivity wasn't the only goal; we were determined to minimize our actual footprint and environmental impact," said Simmons.

To expand its already highly respected menu of beauty and wellness services, Naturopathica has partnered with the City's best practitioners that span the spectrum from acupuncture to crystal healing.

"I grew up on the Upper East Side," said Emma Froelich-Shea, President of Naturopathica. "Now I'm an Upper East Side working mom. In the intervening years, one thing hasn't changed: Upper East Siders, like all New Yorkers, try to get 120 seconds out of every minute. It's the same for new moms, newly graduated associates, and soon to retire corporate executives. People suffer dreadfully from the physical manifestation of achievement addiction: toxic stress levels, premature aging, tension headaches, poor sleep, dull skin tone, hormonal acne, and tight muscles, to name a few symptoms. So, I'm thrilled to open Naturopathica's latest health center. I know we can help our guests find balance and deeper beauty as we support them on their paths to wellness."

To learn more or to schedule a visit, contact:
Lauren Donner, Vice President, Tractenberg & Co, ldonner@tractenberg.com



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