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NBA-branded caviar company in Brooklyn wants you to top yogurt and nachos with fish roe

The NBA has teamed up with a caviar producer in Brooklyn to make the delicacy an everyday snack. 

Tins of Pearl Street Caviar have been emblazoned with the NBA and Brooklyn Nets logos as part of a collaboration with the NBALAB, a research and development incubator developed to facilitate the basketball league's product expansion. 

The NBALAB focuses on innovative design, innovative concepts and strategic partnerships. 

Enter Pearl Street Caviar, a startup based in Brooklyn that is trying to democratize the food of the elites and revive a local food tradition. About 200 years ago, the Hudson River was teeming with sturgeon and was one of the top caviar producers in the world. 

Because they can't bring the sturgeon back, Pearl Street Caviar works with an open-pen aquafarm in Central Asia to produce and harvest sustainable caviar. The caviar is prepared locally in Brooklyn before being shipped out. 

"Pearl Street Caviar was born inside a Brooklyn dive bar one night when two old friends wondered, why aren't we eating caviar right now? It's delicious. It's healthy. It would make these drinks taste better. It would make us happy." 

At USD $25 for a 12g tin, the company is pitching caviar as a breakfast and snack food. Their recipe ideas? Top it on yogurt along with granola and berries, or nachos and baked potatoes, and stuff it in grilled cheese sandwiches.