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NC State's Bradley Chubb spits on FSU logo at midfield after win

North Carolina State defensive end Bradley Chubb was caught spitting on the Florida State logo at midfield following the Wolfpack’s upset win.

Right after NC State kneeled the ball to seal a 27-21 win, Chubb ran from the NC State sideline. ESPN’s cameras showed him spitting on the midfield logo right before he was embraced by coach Dave Doeren.

(via ESPN)

Chubb initially told reporters after the game that he didn’t remember doing it.

“I honestly don’t remember even doing that,” Chubb said (audio via the Wolfpacker.com). “I always spit when I’m playing football. So I didn’t even remember doing that. It wasn’t intentional at all.”

Chubb added: “It wasn’t celebration. I celebrated with my teammates and talked to Coach Doeren and I guess I just spit. I didn’t really mean to.”

He later apologized, per Brett McMurphy.

Chubb is the second high-profile player caught doing something to a team’s midfield logo after a big road win. As you probably know, Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield planted an OU flag at Ohio State’s midfield logo after the Sooners beat Ohio State in Week 2.

Mayfield apologized for his actions the Monday after the game. Are both of the apologies necessary? Probably not. If you don’t want someone disrespecting your midfield logo, don’t lose at home. And besides, it’s just grass (or fake grass like at Ohio State) with paint on it. There are far bigger things to get upset about.

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