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NCWC, Inc.'s Announces Expanded Services

OCEAN, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / January 24, 2017 / The CEO of NCWC, Inc., Michael Shaftel, has announced that the company will expand the services they offer to their customers. NCWC, Inc. has been providing New Jersey clientele with stream-lined consumer service agreements for over two decades. Their plans aide customers in preventing costly repair expenditures on certain components of their vehicle. The firm released the following statement on the matter, "We are excited to announce that we will now be offering an enhanced version of our Powertrain Coverage plan. This plan will allow our clients to receive more from their Powertrain agreement than ever before."

NCWC, Inc. will now offer a Powertrain Enhanced Coverage plan on top of its existing programs. Currently, the company offers the following programs to its customers: Select Coverage, Engine Covergae, and Powertrain Coverage. The addition of the Powertrain Enhanced Coverage program will allow the company to expand into the market of consumers looking for a little more than what is provided in a traditional Powertrain service agreement. Electrical, brakes, air conditioning, and steering will now also be covered through the enhanced plan.

The announcement comes only a few years after NWCW, Inc. launched its corporate website to further develop its online presence in the increasingly competitive world of consumer service agreements. Despite NCWC, Inc.'s investments in technology, the company has maintained a customer-oriented service approach within its business model. At the time of the website's launch, CEO Michael Shaftel stated, "NCWC Inc. is proud to be one of the only companies in our industry that clearly displays the phone number of every key corporate team leader - a refreshing change in a business environment where most companies force customers to talk to robots instead of humans."

NCWC, Inc. was founded by current CEO Michael Shaftel in 1992. Since its inception, the company has become one of the leading automotive service agreement companies in the North East of the country. To find out more about the services they provide, head to NCWC, Inc.'s URL at http://www.ncwcinc.com/.