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Negotiate Like a 'Hardcore Pawn' Broker

We caught up with Les Gold, star of truTV’s Hardcore Pawn, for advice on the art of the sale and how to negotiate your way to the best price when selling an item to a pawn dealer. He reveals the following three tips and more in his best-selling book, “For What It's Worth.”

1. Manage the emotion

You may be trying to sell an heirloom piece that’s very sentimental to you, but don’t let the buyer know that. Keep your emotions at bay. “What you need to do is, as a seller, try to get that emotion out of me, the buyer,” says Gold. 

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2. Know your bottom line

Do some investigation on your own beforehand so that you have an idea of the value of the item for which you’ll be negotiating.

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3. Be able to walk away

If a pawn dealer offers you a price that’s below your bottom line, be willing to walk away from the deal. According to Gold, sometimes the best deals come after a re-approach.

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